Remember that December is cancer awareness month.  Don’t forget to get your pets screened. When checking in, mention code “DECAN” to receive a free exam with a cancer screening purchase.

4 thoughts on “The Waiting Room

  1. Cancer is one of the biggest killers for our pets. There are different types of the cancer in different organs. The skin mass or lumps or bumps are visible or could be felt by hand. All the lumps on the body need to be tested for their origin. Biopsy or the needle aspiration is the best choices.
    But there are several types of the masses inside the body of our beloved ones which are not visible to our eye. These masses could be in the lungs or abdominal cavity or inside bones. Sometimes when they are small in size and early in stages our pets do not show the symptoms. More over pets have a higher tolerance than human beings. Sometimes we miss the signs even our closest friends are trying to tell us.
    Now-a-days we live in this environment, as age advances, the chances of bumps or lumps increase. There are several other genetic, as well as environmental factors, which become the causes of these cancers. If they are diagnosed in early stages the prognosis of full recovery are way greater than if they are diagnosed in late stages. In the late stages we have no choice but euthanasia of our beloved friends or to put them through expensive, painful and exhaustive chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
    To diagnose in early stages the scientific recommendation is to watch body weight, apatite, behavior, urination, defecation, vomiting, breathing, exercise tolerance and body movements. There is no replacement for a thorough physical examination from nose to tail supplemented with complete blood work, urinalysis, x-rays and ultrasound of the both body cavities. We recommend strongly this for our senior friends.

  2. My dog is in need of shots and has an infección that need to be treated by an expert vetenerian in English bulldogs –

    1. Yes, sir we can help you. If he has infection. He needs to be seen by a veterinarian. Please call us at 619-445-9815 and make an appointment.

  3. Dr.brar and his staff are the most compassionate people. We’ve been going here for years. We have had a vey difficult dog in the past, but they always treated her with respect. When I had to put her down, they were so kind to me. Now, they are taking care of my 2 chocolate labs, coco and Dakota.. we love each and every one of the staff

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